Casket Hash




I fall hard when i feel my feet on solid ground
but i wont slip, anymore.
dont be surprised when i raise my fists in defense
when the wolves come knocking at my door
cause it feels like im trying to say
the same things over and over again
yet to no avail
just seems like you're giving in
and it feels like im losing my mind
yet i can never be sure about
just dont lose me in the mess of
everyone you love
cause i'd slave to the end with you
if you would be honest with me, my friend.
the arsonist i watch it burn
in my sleep i toss and turn
but i dont dream
so why, dont i have the patience for all of the love that you claim is there?
i'd slave till the end with you
if you would be honest with me my friend
cause you're gonna have to choose
between living alone or living again
i got everything to lose
and i havent won in so damn long
i'd slave till the end with you.


from TONGUES, released August 27, 2012
richards, cadwallader, dunn, loewen, warskett.


tags: punk rock Toronto


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