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This is the new Thunderhawks album.


released August 27, 2012

J. Richards, R. Gaskill, M. Dunn, J. Loewen, D. Warskett, K. Tousignant.



all rights reserved


THUNDERHAWKS Toronto, Ontario

we are the reason you still listen to this genre.

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Track Name: Met You on The Bottle
Hello darling.
how ya doing?
I think I met you on the bottle?
The lions den is painted pink and glistening
with no one inside.
so come on, relay the message.
are you kidding?
now i'm not pathetic or indecent but i'll give it a try.
with all the people on your mind are you really sick and tired?
am i just colour outside the line?
i'll never know.
so tell me
that everything is crystal clear
specifically directing questions to my ears
you can't save
don't bother 'cause i'm on my way
and so far gone.
hello darling
who ya screwing?
i heard you hadn't changed and i just had to see it for myself.
i could write your name a thousand times
in a foggy mirror
but with broken glass it's hard to keep track.
and i can't look back.
i'm just stumbling through.
my faith in you.
and still you're trying to make me believe.
and i'm done for.
i've been beaten down and bloodied on the floor.
i left my heart out in the rain when i walked home.
and it's all i got to not lose my fucking head.
i couldn't bear the thought of you so i forgot it.
Track Name: Better Man
I'm not sayin i'm a better man
i'm sayin i'm doin what i can.
to find some belief in your song
the other night you had me singing along
and i cant take this as of lately
so i just sit around find that higher ground to save me
to save me.
yeah, yeah
tell me everything is cool about how we met
now desperate love begins
yeah, yeah
set the mood with me by turning off the switch
you're turning me on and turning me off
turning me on and turning me off
'cause i won't wait all day
and i give up on it
cover me in pointless subtext
and make me believe i'm here on purpose
you're too short for your temper
whatever the weather
make a mistake and underestimate me.
it is not a good month for me
i sat at home with my friends and the tv's on and i'm, alone again
and i'm not saying i'm a better man but i haven't given thought 'bout where i stand
i know i've heard it all before but it's time to go i've got to go.
yeah, yeah
so tell me everything is cool about how we met
and let me know before i realize i forget
yeah, yeah
set the mood with me by turning off the switch
i'm liking you more with your mouth torn off
i can't hear what you say 'cause what you say is broken by
the sound of something you cannot forget.
it's broken.
Track Name: No Killin'
Hey, hey, hey
tell me something i wanna hear
"you look like the sun"
oh, i think i'm burning up
you cant stop running
if you cant stop the rain
you cant stop running.
let me focus
because i c-c-c-can't see you
i think im ready to close your eyes
sing you to the ceiling
'cause im not fakin
you're mistaken
and i'll take you home
where nothing matters
but eachother.
hey, hey, hey
and i'll rip the ripeness from your skin
i dont miss you at all.
you built us a home
of yarn and rope
a home of yarn and rope
a home to hang myself in
a home to hang myself in.
i'll take you home.
Track Name: Tequila Mockingbird
So set the pace
and i will follow
consider me considerably hollow.
so give me a lift
and plant your kiss
im just another target missed
so tell me you're feelin it and say
im still without your rhetoric
still fine without me?
i'm feeling it.
'cause i'm fine without you
'cause you make it so easy.
and i've got my reasons just to leave
dont say you still are missing me
'cause i'm fine without you
'cause you make it so easy.
hold on.
i still got your blood and teeth
all over me
like a bad dream
just like a bad dream
you're just bad dream.
there's so much before me
there's no way to stop me
but when i see you and you open your lungs
its the only thing
keeping me from leaving.
Track Name: Tongues
I've got your ruby red lipstick
across my neck, across my neck.
you're just like napalm
bruisin' up my chest
with your nails uncut
my skins so rough.
but i love it.
you know i do.
i love it.
you know i do.
and i've got my eyes locked on you
better the one than the two
speaking in tongues afternoon
we're still falling upwards.
and i'm just like your pawn
in a game of chess
'cause you never know
how far i'll go
'cause i wanna go.
you know i love it
you know i do.
you make me forget who i am.
i know where you have been
and i could say no
but girl the way you're talking makes me lose control
back against the wall and morals on the floor
girl the way you move me
i want you more.
Track Name: Casket Hash
I fall hard when i feel my feet on solid ground
but i wont slip, anymore.
dont be surprised when i raise my fists in defense
when the wolves come knocking at my door
cause it feels like im trying to say
the same things over and over again
yet to no avail
just seems like you're giving in
and it feels like im losing my mind
yet i can never be sure about
just dont lose me in the mess of
everyone you love
cause i'd slave to the end with you
if you would be honest with me, my friend.
the arsonist i watch it burn
in my sleep i toss and turn
but i dont dream
so why, dont i have the patience for all of the love that you claim is there?
i'd slave till the end with you
if you would be honest with me my friend
cause you're gonna have to choose
between living alone or living again
i got everything to lose
and i havent won in so damn long
i'd slave till the end with you.