Met You on The Bottle




Hello darling.
how ya doing?
I think I met you on the bottle?
The lions den is painted pink and glistening
with no one inside.
so come on, relay the message.
are you kidding?
now i'm not pathetic or indecent but i'll give it a try.
with all the people on your mind are you really sick and tired?
am i just colour outside the line?
i'll never know.
so tell me
that everything is crystal clear
specifically directing questions to my ears
you can't save
don't bother 'cause i'm on my way
and so far gone.
hello darling
who ya screwing?
i heard you hadn't changed and i just had to see it for myself.
i could write your name a thousand times
in a foggy mirror
but with broken glass it's hard to keep track.
and i can't look back.
i'm just stumbling through.
my faith in you.
and still you're trying to make me believe.
and i'm done for.
i've been beaten down and bloodied on the floor.
i left my heart out in the rain when i walked home.
and it's all i got to not lose my fucking head.
i couldn't bear the thought of you so i forgot it.


from TONGUES, released August 27, 2012
richards, dunn, cadwallader, loewen, warskett.


tags: punk rock Toronto


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